Rise of Gaming via Kickstarter – Satellite Reign


Welcome to my blog gamers…

This is an exciting time for gamers. No longer do we need to be the slaves of “Big Gaming”. Platforms like kickstarter have shifted the power dynamic toward a more organic, grass roots, decentralized, democratic playing field… We have the power to start and support games that we desire… “Big Game Corporations” will always have their place, however, they have gotten greedy.. Spread the revolution…

Intro to cult classic  – Syndicate

And its successor – Syndicate Wars

Here it is – Satellite Reign, the spirtual successor

Satellite Reign, is now a reality. And with your help, it will be created to its most promising, most exciting, most satisfying level.

Pledge today, and make it a reality….. http://satellitereign.com/pledge/

Your fellow agents are counting on you. Join the crusade for better gaming…

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