Gaming, like the mythical Phoenix, is being reborn. How ?


“The worst thing a kid can say about homework is that it is too hard. The worst thing a kid can say about a game is it’s too easy.”
― Henry Jenkins


Consumers can now directly influence the development of games. They need no longer wait passively in the background for organizations so greedy, so out-of-touch, so myopically focused on quarterly profit projections, so few CEO/executive management positions occupied by software engineers and developers, so many finance educated managers, sooooo…… disappointing!!


Potentially, with a good idea you could have a game developed with nothing more than your idea, and the trust in which you inspire. If you haven’t visited kickstarter (an American-based private for-profit company founded in 2009 that provides tools to raise funds for creative projects via crowd funding through its website), you need to.

The concept is simple. An organization or individual creates an account on kickstarter or an equivalent, inputs various data elaborating on the idea, adds rich media to sex it up and you’re done. Once the project has been given the official green light, it will be created. Once it is underway, it is then up to the consumer(s). If the project fails to achieve minimum funding, no funds are debited from credit cards. From the start, the creator(s) can then keep in touch with their pledge-es (pledgers, who knows) via their forum, as the countdown begins. Typically, a project has a month to reach its goal. It can be anywhere between 1-60 days, however, it is recommended to be below 30 days. Usually their is a pledge tier that is just for donations, say $5, which will directly contribute to the project, but without any reward other than the feeling of generosity. Other tiers exist that offer a higher reward. This could involve any manner of things, usually for games this is a digital copy, and it goes up from there. As an example, Satellite Reign, the spiritual successor to the infamous Syndicate and Syndicate Wars titles, had a tier of $7801 at the very top of its pledge hierarchy. This enabled the pledger to have his own likeness infused into the evil CEO character of the game. Anything is possible.


Speaking of Syndicate, Satellite Reign, the official spiritual successor, has reached intial funding. I have created a facebook page dedicated to help raise additional money for 5lives studios. Any donation made from my FB page will go toward advertisements on FB. The minimum ad costs $5 per day, and then on a per click/impression basis. Official funding opportunities will continue to July 2014, as Paypal is now the medium of exchange, and is run from 5lives’ website. This is common once the initial Kickstarter funding window has closed. Satellite Reign exceeded initial funding goals, and is now working on achieving its stretch goals. If you like real-time strategy, cyberpunk/dystopian megacities, futuristic cyborg agents, the ability to simultaneously or sequentially manage your agents (you have 4 in total, an Assassin, Soldier, Hacker, Support), destructible environments, a powerful arsenal of weapons, dynamic game-play, then get your pledge on today. All pledges via paypal have the original rewards associated to it…


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