On January 29th, 2002, then US president, George W. Bush, outlined three nations in his televised State of the Union address to congress. Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. He described them as being an “Axis of Evil”.

On May 6th, 2002, then Undersecretary of State, John R. Bolton, gave a speech to the Heritage Foundation, titled “Beyond the Axis of Evil: Additional Threats from Weapons of Mass Destruction“. This speech outlined three new additions to this supposed “Axis of Evil”. They were of course, Syria, Libya, and Cuba.


It should come as no surprise, that the purported “WMD’s” that were not found in Iraq, have suddenly manifested in Syria. This proxy war in Syria (with elitist controlled CIA asset Al-Qaeda and their ilk playing the part of freedom fighters and rebels), is now turning into a hot war. The Obama regime (with its stacked deck of Council on Foreign Relations members) is presenting the concept of a “limited strike” to the legislative branch of the US government. The first step, is to test the limited strike proposal with the “Senate Foreign Relations Committee”. They approved 10-7. It will now go to the entire Senate for approval. Watch this space. I’m expecting the legislative branch, with its puppet senators and congressmen of the elite, to give their blessing. If not, then will the executive branch do it alone?


The shock and awe false flag operation on September 11th, 2001, generated an enormous quantity of global sympathy. The world was in shock, the American people were scared and angry. Then as if my magic, the mainstream media quickly painted an enemy, and off the poor and stupid go once again, to fight and die for the elitists. Who benefited, who suffered I ask? Where do I start. With billions of dollars spent on munitions, billions garnered in no-bid contracts to corporations such as Halliburton. Billions spent in the form of higher oil prices, billions in the form of Iraq and US national debt. Billions that could of been spent on healthcare, education, infrastructure, etc. A financially unquantifiable amount in the form of human misery and suffering. The opportunity costs of these taxpayer funded disasters is enormous.  Now, as I am not part of the inner circle, I am not fully aware of the Geo-political implications, but to hazard a guess; destabilization of region, installation of military bases, oil and their respective pipelines. Basically command and control of strategic resources, whether financial (the creation of central banks and debt based currency), human (installing a puppet foreign government), or physical (water, oil, etc).


This never ending neo-conservative “jihad” against terror, is a fraud. What is certain, is that it will create unparalleled debt, destruction, suffering, and will ultimately fail to achieve the impossible task it was supposedly created to do. How do you win a war on terror? Obviously not by spreading, creating, funding, and aiding terrorists. But hay, if you have no enemy, if you have no terror, then there’s no point having a war or terror. There lies the problem. These perpetual wars are doing just what they were designed to do.


Do your own research. Follow alternative media. The mainstream corporate media will provide you with disinformation, bias reporting, omission of important news, distraction and entertainment. It is used as a counter-intelligence tool for the elite. They own it. 5 to 6 media companies in the US control nearly all the media. Lucky for us people are starting to turn off, and follow alternative news. The race is on for an awakening. False flags will  likely continue. Do your research…


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