Obama the Virtuous

I will assume that Obama and the current administration, are noble, virtuous, and good people. I will assume the Democrats and Republicans are not servants of the elite, and that the US has not waged wars using false pretexts, whether in Vietnam, or Iraq. I will assume that liberty and caring for the tired, poor, huddled masses is still alive and well. Additionally, I will assume that Assad is an evil dictator, and that the rebels fighting in his country are not funded and supplied by any foreign intelligence agencies, and that Assad used chemical weapons on his people.


What will the noble Obama do? America has been so reluctant to involve itself in foreign matters in the past. How can the US stand idly by, as the Syrian president uses weapons of mass destruction on his people. This is an outrage. Something must be done. The US has never been in a better financial position. I think we should at least engage in a limited strike to assist the freedom loving rebels in Syria.


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