MH17 – Beating the drums for war


Something is wrong. I don’t know what exactly, but I can say that the version of events the U.S. State Department is offering is nothing short of pathetic. In this link, U.S. State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf continuously repeats that it was an SA11 fired from Russian backed separatist held territory, that social media supports their theory, that they are confident and know this to be accurate according to their assessment (that they haven’t made public). She went on to repeat this narrative for the duration of the exchange, and adeptly kept to her beaten path. She may as well be an automaton. A mouthpiece regurgitating what it had been programmed to say. Propaganda du jour.


What do we know?

Well, although kind of dangerous to fly through Ukraine, it wasn’t alone in doing so. What was unique to flight MH17, was that it flew over Donetsk, choosing not to follow the official corridor that commercial traffic had been using, and fly over an extremely dangerous airspace as it found out. Why did it change its course while transiting through Ukrainian airspace? Additionally, I’m not sure why Ukrainian Air-traffic control told flight MH17 to fly at 33,000 ft, apparently optimum was 35,000 ft. Incidentally, the BUK missile system has a range of up to 50,000 ft.

Counter claim. According to the Russians, a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet was observed in the vicinity of MH-17, flying in a corridor reserved for commercial traffic, in range of its air-to-air missiles. So far the US hasn’t released any data to counter this.

Who stood to gain?

Western controlled media swiftly pointed the finger at Putin. He is being painted as the culprit, although their has been no evidence to prove this. The U.S has not delivered anything concrete, nothing that would generate a conviction. With the U.S and allies igniting war and chaos in the middle East and so forth, and Ukraine being the pivot into Russia (read Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book titled “The Grand Chessboard”), it would not surprise me if the U.S had deliberately created this incident to serve as a false flag. This is what the U.S State Department and the various intelligence agencies do. It’s their forte. Not that Russia is good and the U.S evil, I simply ask what is the upside for the Russians to take down an airliner full of civilians? It is not a victory in any sense (perhaps you can offer an intelligent reason in the comments section). The plane wasn’t carrying special cargo to my knowledge, and it would not serve to win any hearts and minds for Russia. The plane was carrying people from all around the globe, the victims were international, mainly Dutch and Australians. Not a single Ukrainian government official on board. Only the U.S had something to gain. If it can pull out the drum, and make a beat for war, rekindling the cold war mentality and dredging up past grievances, perhaps it can go to war again. They still need the majority of the populace to believe the official narrative. They haven’t got a robot army yet.



Flight MH17 ordered to change course minutes before being shot down. Ukrainian air-traffic control audio logs have been seized.

So, Ukrainian air-traffic control orders MH17 to fly at 33,000 ft, then permits it to stray from the safe corridor in order to fly over Donetsk minutes before it was taken out. The official transcripts are seized in Ukraine. The Western propaganda machine immediately implicates Putin. No evidence provided. Just immediate finger pointing.

Noting that their was a possible SU-25 trailing MH17 (according to the Russians) in the commercial air corridor, probably tracking MH-17 and within distance to use its air-to-air missiles, and claims that from senior Ukraine military figures that Ukraine doesn’t have the know how or capability to operate advanced AA systems, then I ask the question. Did the Ukraine government, backed by the U.S government, take out MH17 over rebel territory in order to blame Russia and villanize Putin? Again, what would Putin and Russia have to gain? There is no strategic value in taking down an airliner! Only false flag opportunities for the maniacs who are starting up a possible WWIII! Whether by a surface-to-air or an air-to-air missile, it is looking very likely that the Ukrainian government took out this flight because it was told to do so. It has a temporary ally in the U.S. That is bad news Ukraine. Iraq is completely fucked!

Knowledge is power. Ignorance is futile




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