If the hens leave the door open to the hen house, and a fox comes in at night and kills them, who is at fault? If the people are too docile and despondent to fight off the advances of a parasitical banking elite, then I find them intimately complicit in their own serfdom.

Of course the TPPA (the European counterpart is TTIP) is being sold to us as a type of “trade agreement”, basically an agreement masquerading as a simple trade-centric agreement, presented as though it was thoughtfully created to enhance trade and the greater prosperity for New Zealanders, et al (laugh out loud), and not for the wet dreams of special interest groups. I am pro trade, but I am not anti-sovereignty! Now, textbooks will state that free trade creates greater price efficiency by removing distortions such as taxes, and that introducing domestic markets to foreign competition increases competitiveness. Perhaps on paper this is true, but whomever wins the efficiency war, eventually will dominate. Do we really want Wal-Marts killing off scores of small businesses in a 100 mile radius (US example), just so we can get the lowest price on trinkets and other disposable objects of low quality. Countries and their people are not equal in resources, and vary considerably in culture, and hence require independent legislation. Do we truly desire to be indirectly taxed (the governments fiscal supply is generated from our tax dollars, which is generated from our labour and resources) by foreign corporations because their shareholders weren’t pleased with their latest quarterly dividend? Suing nations for damages because domestic legislation impacted profit projections. You may as well pick my pocket! These corporate vehicles, predominantly the giant corporations, whether multi, global or trans, love avoiding tax, and have no allegiance to anyone but their global shareholders. Their aim is to privatize profits and externalize costs, whether environmental or otherwise. This type of (corporate) person does not make a good friend. They will be with you when you’re up, and gone when you’re down. I am highly dubious of agreements such as this, drafted by special interests for special interests. I do not foresee the TPPA shrinking the wealth divide or providing anything of substance to the people. The U.S has enormous power concerning agribusiness and the pharmaceutical industry, and we obviously can not compete against that and their battalions of lobbyists. The EU is basically the same as the U.S in respect to lobbyists in Brussels, and the strength of their counterparts to big pharma/agra. What type of agreement will be shoved down our necks after the TPPA and TTIP legislation is enacted? The Global Investment Partnership Agreement? Created to merge the market places of the TPPA and TTIP, to create the holy grail of corporate dominance and subjugation, a corporate playground for the special interest groups to roam unabated by common sense or morals, roaming freely and without consequence, ravaging economies and the health of people. Is the allure of selling more dairy overseas that strong and important? We have successfully polluted our waterways, perhaps it is time to pollute our country some more. Personally, however, I will not vote to hand over my sovereignty in exchange for a few low priced trinkets…