The Distracted Masses

I guess the textbooks were correct. Robotization of the workforce will lead to more leisure hours for humans. The robot workforce will emancipate humans from the tyranny of work, and we will live happily ever after. Well, either that, or, you’re unemployed and living on welfare. I wonder what happens when robots do the fighting, policing, teaching etc. I guess that means in the not too distant future we’re not needed after all, not even in the capacity of a slave. Dodo? Entering obsolescence.

The answer to the singularity is the anti-singularity. It would require wisdom catching up with our technological capacity. There are intelligent, loving, educated people who could charter a new course for humanity. But then we are merely pawns in a system that is inimical to our interests. Until we rid ourselves of the parasite, we will continue to be lead down this path. As I said, once slaves are no longer needed, like a horse you can no longer feed, it is gotten rid of. But whatever man. As long as our politicians dangle tax cuts and other shit in front of us, the despondent distracted masses will vote. They like the illusion. They like income tax, debt and slavery. As long as the capital value of the house continues to rise, all is right in the world.

Additionally, the problem is fucking complex. But if we continue this way, the train is going off the tracks big time. Time to look for alternatives, whatever they may be. Or keep watching TV. It is a choice. “In the age of information, ignorance is a choice”. – By Anonymous


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