Revolt, you obsolescent serf.

What is debt? Perhaps an imaginary number. Is money lent into existence at interest ‘negative money’. Are you familiar with ‘Impossible contract theory’. DEBT IS FICTION.

In reality, the tree either has apples or it does not. There cannot exist negative apples on the tree. This concept is pure imagination. Real apples have weight. Imaginary apples do not.

There is no need to borrow at interest from investors. The monetary supply of a nation can not be left up to the banks to inflate by ultra profitable fractional reserve banking, or by even more hilarious means, loans out of no reserves at all. Roughly 2% of money exists in physical form. Governments do not need to issue bonds to cover fiscal short falls. Negative money creates interest payments. Debt equals wealth extraction. A nation can create its own national currency in the volume it sees fit. Inflation is generally created when there is too much money chasing too fewer goods, or when the price of inputs go up. Inflation is already created by fractional reserve banking. Careful decisions must be made no matter what. Simply issuing limitless amounts of money will cause harm obviously, like issuing too little. Both have consequences. The current system with its boom and bust cycles and central banking for the bankers seems to have only really benefited the owners of capital. Average Joe has never been poorer. Food stamp anyone.

The monetary supply of a nation is a common good. It is their to facilitate commercial activity. People need work. When they have money, they can spend it. Most people want their children to have a good education. Do they need to go into massive debt even before they get their first real job? What type of lunacy is this? Get into DEBT to find a low paying job in the service economy along with everyone else (thanks manufacturing offshoring and robotization), rack up lots of payments for things you can’t afford. Get a mortgage. Remain a debt slave and service your debt. Too busy servicing debt to take heed that the system is gamed for you to fail. WTF people! I hope you enjoy serfdom. I guess the whole point of issuing credit cards and GE money shopping cards is so people can continue to buy their shit because less and less people have jobs.

When there is a great lack of money in the system, people simply do not have money to buy stuff. The economy grinds to a halt. Do they not still have their labor to sell. It is not that the soil has ceased to be fertile, or that the sun has refused to shine. The farmers can produce, but who can they sell to if there is no money in the hands of the people? Bill Gates can’t eat 1,000,000 cheeseburgers a day no matter how rich he is.

Why do these usurious banks have such power to inflate or deflate the supply of money in circulation? Oh how they love to privatize the gains and externalize the costs.

Look at economies like the United States of America or the European Union, and their central banking. What is happening in the U.S stock market? How many people are now on food stamps? When the next crisis hits and the greedy class of ultra wealthy cash out of their stocks leaving pensions funds and other idiots holding the losses and put their wealth into a new asset classes, what will the poor fucks at the bottom do without jobs and houses?

What retarded system is in place where there is no money for national parks, but there is always money available for war? The debt clock keeps rising, the banks are allowed to operate like gods, the politicians read their lines and barely ever step out of line. The people can never be poor enough, the ultra rich are never rich enough to satiate their greed. The middle class of debt slaves are too busy to revolt. The unemployed too ignorant. The wealthy are too comfortable to protest. Only when they suffer will they take interest.

The next financial crisis will be more severe than the last. All that has happened since the last crisis is more alcohol has been consumed to keep the party going. Major economies can’t cut interest rates any further. It has done nothing but inflate the asset classes of the rich. There is no recovery in sight.

If the people can’t decide what is best for their country, and unite against the common evil, then they will be broken one class at a time. If the bottom 80-90% of the people who are closer to being poor than rich can’t unite and stand together, then the top 10% are not gonna help you since they are way too rich to step out of their comfort zone. And even then, the top 1% have vastly more wealth comparatively than the top 10%. And even further, the top 10% of the 1% have vastly more money compartively than the bottom 90% of the 1%.

Its been a good rort, but it needs to stop. I don’t think we can count on the ultra rich to make the changes necessary. It’s gotta be the poor huddled masses demanding change before they disappear down a FEMA camp. I guess if you are too despondant and distracted to stand up for yourself and your country, then maybe you are not worthy of freedom. Perhaps you are a serf who deserves nothing more…

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