Technocratic takeover. Will I feed on plastic instead of fish?

The scientific community looks to empirical evidence for truth. The problem is, they can’t disprove god, not even by their own methods. Even some fanciful comforting delusion can not be 100% disproved with our current scientific method. However, just because you can’t prove (or disprove) something doesn’t mean it doesn’t (or does) exist. Imagine describing bacteria to a caveman. Sometimes things are not evident. There are correlations, but nothing absolute, causation. Yet sometimes that is all we have and we must make the best of that and arrive at a sensible conclusion. Statistics are useful and they are also a great way of manipulating people and leading them to non-sequitur. We are left with our own faculties and wisdom to wade through the waters of propaganda and disinformation. Just like the birds and marine life that mistake pieces of plastics for food, we must continue on, and learn to be discerning. Hopefully we end up eating fish and not plastic. Yet for some, polymers fill their belly. Reality is filtered through perception. We must not allow our perception to be managed. We must break the shackles of dogma. Religion was once a plague, stifling and suppressing learning. I hope science will not abuse its new found fame, and lead us to a technocratic nightmare.

Under the guise of security, we have signed up for monitoring on a new level. Email accounts require cellphones numbers, as do online bank accounts. Without your tax number, bank number, cell number, you will face challenges. Of course the easiest thing is to just put the number in. This is the path of least resistance. Initially we may protest slightly, but then we comply.

Mainstream science is bought and paid for. Enron spent heavily to produce propaganda so they can promote carbon credits. I don’t believe in god, and I also don’t believe in bias and manipulation. We are entering a technocratic era. Scientific dictatorship. The Rockefellers (and the rest of them) have their tentacles in mainstream science. They haven’t left that to operate without bias and manipulation. They got to the US education system since around early 1900. These think tanks and special interest groups promoting the Zionest agenda (google Balfour Agreement) have infiltrated positions in government, education, science, media, business, religion.

These warmongering, manipulating fucks are behind major scientific and environmental movements. Fucking Blood and Gore types making big bucks from hysteria. Their elitist Agenda 21 meetings, Club of Rome meetings. I saw a video by George Hunt who somehow attended the UNCED Fourth World Wilderness congress meeting in Boulder, Colorado. Humanity was referenced as cannon fodder that unfortunately populates the planet, said one individual. Regarding centres for learning. These big universities and their professors. If you really step out of line your career is over. They will destroy you. Just like if big name actors come out and start talking the truth. You can be Bill Cosby’d at any time. Obviously climate change is a thing, and has always been in perpetual equilibrium and disequilibrium. Whether this Rothschild agenda is true or false, either way it will be used to fuck us over. Water levels have risen and fallen over time. Ice Ages all happened without any anthropogenic influence. There are cycles out of our control. Have you seen Bill Gates’s C02=PxSxExC? These maniacs have one prime objective for us. Extinction. They will of course live like gods. Plantations of useful idiots will be preserved to do vital jobs they require. Humanity may just fuck itself over by being greedy little ignorant, or maybe the Rothschilds will give us a shove into the abyss. Dehumanize us. Makes us feel ashamed to be human. Make us feel hatred for mankind. This low order thinking will not do us us any good. I sometimes struggle to maintain equilibrium, and some days are worse than others. So much information going in. I will temper reality with the obvious fact that I will die anyway. I best cherish the good times while I have them. During this journey, I will offer alternatives to the conventional dogma disseminated from today’s popular culture. But just like anything, it doesn’t matter what people say, what matters is if they like you. If they like you, you can get away with murder. If they don’t, you could be telling them their house is on fire and they won’t believe it.

Trouble has always existed in some shape or form. Our ancestors endured situations we would now find ridiculous and unbelievable. We can’t hide in our shelters from black swan events. This is not life. I guess ignorance has worked somehow in the past. Like a refuge from reality. Allowing people to continue the day to day. The sky will fall, and it has fallen before. The space between, the space where humans exist, well, billions have died and billions more will die. That’s just math.

In closing, anger and resentment may spawn into hate. I am not willing to spend my years being hateful and depressed. I must be the change I want to see. I must carve out my own private Eden. I must create heaven on earth for myself before I enter knock on the door of oblivion. I just hope I lived with as few pieces of plastic in my belly as possible.


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