Monsanto – The Organization People Love to Hate

Monsanto is comprised of two industry segments. Seed and Genomics and Agricultural Productivity. Seed and Genomics is Monsanto’s largest (net sales) and most profitable segment.

So, Monsanto the great evil is widely despised, but what about its competitors?

Below is the sales data for the top six (sales) in Agrochemicals and Seeds for the 2013 financial year.

Monsanto isn’t the great Satan of the Agrochemicals segment, that title is held by Syngenta. After some brief research, it appears the proposed merger of Syngenta and Monsanto will likely only take place if Syngenta can sell part or all of its seed technology business. The buyer will likely be one of the players featured in the table above. The merger would create a real giant.

I think it’s time to start gravitating toward food products that are free from artificial pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and GMO seeds. If we do, these corporations will turn into dust. Seed technology and various agrochemicals etc, are what these organizations sell. If we don’t buy, it’s over. Shareholders want value. If the value (profit for shareholders) is in creating healthy food, they will change their behavior. But first, we need to change ours…