Wealth Inequality: So What?

In my opinion, modern day society’s conception of wealth inequality is morphing into a belief that it’s an undesirable effect of capitalism, a social ill. But there has never been wealth equality. It is neither abnormal nor abhorrent. My only concern is that rent-seeking parasitical oligarchs, etc, are wielding disproportionate influence on legislation and gaming the system. The tug of war between labor and capital is normal, in my opinion. As long as either side is not excessively favored and given special treatment, distorting the mechanism of supply and demand, etc, then I don’t see a problem. The majority of this wealth people speak of, like it is fixed and safe, is not. There are risks. Counter-party risks. Liquidity risks. On paper, the nominal value of their finances may look healthy currently, but will not in perpetuity.


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