Wealth Inequality: So What?

In my opinion, modern day society’s conception of wealth inequality is morphing into a belief that it’s an undesirable effect of capitalism, a social ill. But there has never been wealth equality. It is neither abnormal nor abhorrent. My only concern is that rent-seeking parasitical oligarchs, etc, are wielding disproportionate influence on legislation and gaming the system. The tug of war between labor and capital is normal, in my opinion. As long as either side is not excessively favored and given special treatment, distorting the mechanism of supply and demand, etc, then I don’t see a problem. The majority of this wealth people speak of, like it is fixed and safe, is not. There are risks. Counter-party risks. Liquidity risks. On paper, the nominal value of their finances may look healthy currently, but will not in perpetuity.


Economic Reality: Neo-Keynesian Experiment on Death Bed

“Ignorance is refuge from reality. Willful ignorance is refuge from reason”. – Anonymous


Wealth and income inequality are neither abnormal nor abhorrent. The tug of war between labor and capital is normal and equilibrium seeking. Excessive regulation distorts the mechanism.

Politics and Science: Truly the Strangest of Bedfellows

“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.” H. L. Mencken

‘Climate change’ is not new to the biosphere, however, sociopolitical vilification of ‘climate change’ is. ‘Climate change’ is an oxymoron, something akin to ‘cold ice’. Tersely put, Earth’s climate seeks equilibrium through various feedback mechanisms, and transitions between glacial periods (ice ages) and interglacial periods (between ice ages). The past decamillenium occurred in the Holocene era, which was preceded by the Pleistocene era (the last major ice age). Compared to the Pleistocene, the Holocene has been a summer holiday, with temperature changes being comparatively minor and stable. Humans have thrived in this era of comparative warmth. Current trends are perfectly within the Holocene range, with the last major shift occurring when the previous great ice age subsided and ushered in a new trend of relatively stable and interglacial climate change.

There are many factors influencing the climate, predominantly natural, and to some extent, anthropogenic. Recently, catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) alarmism has caused the largely irrational and uneducated public to become afraid of the term. Personally, I wasn’t aware that ‘climate change’ was intrinsically ‘evil’. What is the magical temperature we wish the climate to remain at for eternity? Is it currently too hot or too cold? And if so, by how many degrees? Of course this question is truly absurd. To make matters worse, politicians have partially succeeded in perverting science to their ideology. The IPCC and other bureaucratic organizations are interested in the side of the argument that fits the narrative of CAGW, and dare not take an impartial and objective position (bite the hand that feeds you at your own peril!). Skepticism is the process of applying reason and critical thinking to determine validity. On the other hand, manipulating data and forcing results to fit a preconceived conclusion is fraudulent and unscientific. Something more befitting of politicians.

In conclusion, climate science is kowtowing to politics (government research is particularly vulnerable to this, although skepticism needs to be applied to private organizations just as tenaciously). Additionally, scientists are not immune to group think, corruption, cognitive bias, peer pressure, social ostracism, character assassination, threat of funding cuts or termination of employment, and any other social complications that may impair the scientific method. We must respond in kind with a more tenacious, skeptical, and objective mindset. Heavy scrutiny needs to be placed on climate research, particularly governmental climate science propagated by dubious organizations like the IPCC. With great fortitude and honesty, the international community of independent scientists can disprove the assumptions that the IPCC has espoused, and take politics out of science. Religion by and large has been successfully mitigated from corrupting science, it now appears politics has become the new anathema.

Glass-Steagall Act: Panacea or Just a Single Piece of the Puzzle?

The U.S. and its promissory notes of today are of ghostly contrast to their former utility; a certificate entitling the bearer to gold. Banking certainly revolutionized transactions, and promissory notes of the past did allow the bearers to make payment without transporting around their gold, however, once America divorced the certificate from entitling the bearer to gold, these promissory notes were only worth the confidence that people had in them. Goodbye intrinsic value.

According to textbooks and most professors, central banks inflate the money supply by the money multiplier theory, although I believe the ‘credit creation theory’ is more accurate (the public somewhat still believes in financial intermediation theory, although this is not a surprise as the education system leaves much to be desired in these matters). This chicanery has allowed a privileged few to benefit from the manipulation of the gold price, LIBOR, FOREX, securities, and given birth to the odious and colossal derivatives leviathan. Perhaps this issue deserves some scrutiny? Why do I doubt Bernie Sanders will sincerely take on the money men? Perhaps Andrew Jackson could shed some light on this?

Problems? A class of privileged, rent-seeking parasites that have disproportionate influence over legislation. Central banking and misguided neo-Keynesian economic theories together responsible for pushing America into an abyss of wage stagnation, debt, misadventure, and lost productivity. So, where to now in regard to the federal funds rate? Languishing at 0-0.25 upper bound, there is very little room for monetary stimulus if another crisis were to hit. Perhaps it’s time to bail in the chosen banks with other peoples money? The enormous imbalances created by loose monetary policy, the taxpayer funded bail outs of the insolvent and fraudulent banking establishment, the over reliance on borrowing by issuance of debt securities and debt monetization. The Federal reserve balance sheet of roughly 4.5 trillion dollars, further quantitative easing looking imminent, disingenuous unemployment and inflation statistics. How will Bernie Sanders fix this utter nightmare? Tax increases and the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act? If you open your door, you may hear my laughter echoing from the other side of the planet?

The problem facing America is beyond the Democrat-Republican voting paradigm. The obsession with political correctness and partisanship has restricted public discourse, and left the intelligentsia divided and cowardly. An unknown portion of them live in fear of character assassination, social ostracism, termination of employment, if they dare stray from the sanctioned and popular narrative propagated in the media, popular culture, universities, and government. The dumb majority are not capable of rational thought, and are defenseless against the fallacious rhetoric of their leaders. Is Bernie Sanders really seeking change, or merely rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic?

Your three branches of government are compromised. They are concerned solely with their career, and their contemporaries. Is it any wonder there are so many parasites sucking the life blood out of the USA? It is amazing it hasn’t collapsed already. I put this down to having the global reserve currency privilege, an expanding central bank balance sheet, and a population of despondent, docile, apathetic, indifferent, corrupt, celebrity worshiping imbeciles, still unaware of the crisis they are in. If people are not interested in educating themselves, if they refrain from challenging their abilities to critically think and analyze the fallacious rhetoric of their democratically elected leaders, then parasitic rent-seeking elites will continue to wield disproportionate influence on legislation, and finance both sides. Imagine if Greece had the world reserve currency and their own central bank free to expand its balance sheet like the Federal Reserve does?

How are these S&P500 companies borrowing the credit to buy back their stocks? Has it anything to do with the Federal Reserve and its interest rates? Like the PBOC in China, the central banks are fighting the market to keep the ponzi scheme afloat. The BOJ is the main purchaser of Japanese treasuries. The FED may purchase debt securities, mortgage backed securities, it may participate in the naked shorting of the gold futures via proxies in JPM. Is anyone still in denial that we have allowed financial cartels to dominate and enact such ruinous policies. We are being extracted. Power and control isn’t Republican or Democrat, it is above politics.

Since the dumb majority are content to distract themselves with television, sport, alcohol, or whatever, and the intelligentsia have lost their balls in the guillotine of political correctness, is it wrong that I have decided to take pleasure from watching the show come crashing down, and the pursuant nightmare that will follow? Humans aren’t that great at identifying slow-moving disasters, it needs to be fast moving and direct.

Which populist demagogue will be elected next?


Monsanto – The Organization People Love to Hate

Monsanto is comprised of two industry segments. Seed and Genomics and Agricultural Productivity. Seed and Genomics is Monsanto’s largest (net sales) and most profitable segment.

So, Monsanto the great evil is widely despised, but what about its competitors?

Below is the sales data for the top six (sales) in Agrochemicals and Seeds for the 2013 financial year.

Monsanto isn’t the great Satan of the Agrochemicals segment, that title is held by Syngenta. After some brief research, it appears the proposed merger of Syngenta and Monsanto will likely only take place if Syngenta can sell part or all of its seed technology business. The buyer will likely be one of the players featured in the table above. The merger would create a real giant.

I think it’s time to start gravitating toward food products that are free from artificial pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and GMO seeds. If we do, these corporations will turn into dust. Seed technology and various agrochemicals etc, are what these organizations sell. If we don’t buy, it’s over. Shareholders want value. If the value (profit for shareholders) is in creating healthy food, they will change their behavior. But first, we need to change ours…

Microcosm of the Future: Hijacking Evolves into High-Tech?

If the Insurance industry gets behind it, then it looks like a forgone conclusion. I’d like to point out that a hijacking need not be limited to a low-tech, pistol at pilot’s head type of hijacking, it could also be unauthorized remote access of the plane.

The downside of an automated, internet centric machine, is that without the option of a manual override, you are entirely at the mercy of the software. On any given day, it may seem the only way to mitigate human error, yet, even though humans are not perfect, it is hard not to imagine a scenario where a plane, automobile, or another robotic system contracts a virus and wreaks havoc. Obviously humans have intrinsic mental/ideological viruses. Organizations such as ISIS, or other suggestible fanatics throughout history are obvious proof of this. Yet, at least humans have their own ability to somewhat filter out what is basically a crazy idea. It may take weeks to indoctrinate suggestible minds. Conversely, a computer virus could outright takeover the system. I think totally relying on automated systems is a disaster in the making. The more dependent we are on robots, software etc, the less independent we become.

Do humans require a car that drives autonomously, with obvious vulnerability to remote access?  A to B type driving from apartment to grocery store, for example, may well be a different matter for city dwellers. The busy or intoxicated person would prefer to be chauffeured around in a driver-less car I suppose, but that is not the future I desire. I am not against others having the technology, I just hope that low-tech vehicles are not outlawed and or made obsolescent. Sigh.

Has the technology we have created allowed mankind to transcend the mental shackles of our past and biology, or are we on a loop, just with more destructive technology. Not all countries are the same of course. From the U.S.A to Afghanistan, Switzerland to Fiji, we are different. Cultural differences have managed to offer visceral alternatives to each other. Tangible contrasts to compare our successes and failures. Yet we still persist to adopt ignorance over knowledge, hate over love, violence over peace. As the supposed dominant and intelligent species living in this biosphere, on this planet, it seems self evident that we need to educate, love, think. This is a path we can take, step by step, as individuals. If the oft spoken cliches; lead by example, be the change you want to see, can somehow take hold and bear fruit, then perhaps humanity has a chance, at least for a few more centuries. If we allow ignorance, hate, and violence to pull the world into chaos and destruction, we will indeed set ourselves back, and potentially never recover.

I am not interested in living a hive-mind, drone-like existence. Picture a city, with its requisite plantations of “workers”, busy making themselves obsolescent. I have no desire to be citizen number #491993-49 of sector XYZ123. To be a sedated shell living in a dystopian future, efficiently shuttled to a station where the worker performs a function until finally the job has been made obsolescent. Without some type of enlightenment permeating the masses, extricating humanity from our drug/media induced quasi-hypnosis, we will continue to bumble along this new tangent of technophilia, slowly but surely replacing ourselves, rendering ourselves less relevant, less capable, inert.

The current rotten economic, monetary, financial system has predominantly and enormously benefited a very small percentage of people. The 1% vs the 99% sounds catchy, but that is still an illusion. Within the 1%, is another 1%. This is called the 0.01%. It is totally bizarre. Of course, though, no system is perfect, no system will benefit everyone symmetrically, yet I find the problem to be systemic, by design.

The bizarre practice of manufacturing goods to be obsolescent and poorly constructed, has immensely wasted resources and driven pollution. The consumer with few choices economically, will likely confirm the behavior and purchase the cheap and poorly made item. This is the problem. We could produce a decent pair of shoes. Do we need cheap shoes from a country far away, eroding traditional workmanship, quality, jobs, intrinsic knowledge, all for the sake of getting a cheaper pair of shoes. We don’t need to make a few people in society super rich. That is neither important nor vital for society. It is inimical to society’s interests. In this system we have created, a few will manage to dominate and extract a vast amount of wealth. It is not even sustainable. Once the inequality reaches critical mass, a revolution occurs. Oppression feeds revolution. The revolution is destructive. Some of us are unhappy and desire more. It doesn’t matter how rich we become, it will never be enough. To amplify this, others must become poorer. This arrogance is destructive. We live briefly. Is our focus to be on standard of living or quality of life. Is there a trade off, or can we have both?

If the aim of the organization is to provide shareholder value (efficiency), then perhaps we will continue to seek ways to cut costs, be fraudulent, corrupt, and deny people insurance cover or medicine when they are eligible?  How about we provide goods and services with the emphasis on quality, workmanship, durability. Let profit not be the motivating factor. Of course, this can only happen with regulations. Perfection is not obtainable, but worth striving for. If an inferior plastic bag can replace a traditional bag made of flax that was once produced domestically, because it is cheaper, is that really progress? It was cheaper to buy, but it is also not biodegradable, it was not made on the island, it didn’t provide jobs, it didn’t keep the tacit knowledge local. The free market failed. Can the invisible hand produce quality and forget about shareholder value? Can a single organization? We need not satiate the insatiable greed of mankind. Profit need not factor into the price of a pair of shoes. A single organization dedicated to producing shoes at a lower cost to the environment (shoes that last 10 years instead of 6 months etc) is greatly possible. The same can be said for clothing and other textiles. Does this mean that privately owned producers will go out of business. Perhaps, or they will become competitive. The world doesn’t need endless consumption of low quality goods. This may please quarterly profit projections, but again, not environmentally sustainable. The state of the economy need not be measured by current metrics. What good is GDP growth if the masses are getting poorer and their quality of life diminishing. Jobless GDP growth is more likely. Automation. Rising unemployment. Software and robots displacing humans. This is the current trajectory. Debt. Interest payments. Tax. Inflation. Currency depreciation. Quantitative easing/debt monetization. Central bank balance sheet expansion. Collapse. Oops. Where to next? IMF, please lend out some Special Drawing Rights (XDR) fiat to restart the global economy. We want to do it all over again!

If robots and software are to continue replacing humans, we will get the extra leisure time promised to us in the textbooks, only we won’t have much money to enjoy it. Is utopia obtainable for the masses? In a perfect world, it is possible. We have the resources, the intrinsic and extrinsic knowledge, the labor required to achieve a utopian world for humanity. Idealism is a wonderful thing. Back in reality, however, capital has won. Labor has become increasingly less relevant. This is the trend.


The final revolution is already upon us. We are descending into oblivion as a species. Humanity seems intent on walking down our historical paths of ignorance, violence and greed. Although our future is not entirely futile, in reality there only need be 10-20% of the population, the percentage highly suggestible and vulnerable to propaganda, to become mobilized and incite enough hate and violence to persuade the moderately suggestible and ignorant majority to welcome an ever expanding police state.

The willfully ignorant and fearful masses have passively ensured that forced medication, incarceration, and an ever widening net of poverty are what humanity has to look forward to. Do we handover our humanity to technology, do we place our faith the state? Is that how we will reap the rewards of the final revolution? Will robots take care of our old, raise our children, police our streets, fight our wars, farm our crops, pour our drinks, suck our cocks, and become the “new” slaves that hypothetically never revolt? Laughably while billions of humans live lives of frivolity? No. We are not part of the final equation. We are not needed. Not even in the form of a slave. All we have yet to do is set the final stage of our obsolescence.


Ideally and realistically speaking, we need to develop awareness in ourselves and in others. To slowly replace our distorted perception of reality. Less “did you see what happened on Game of Thrones”, more “did you read the analysis paper called ‘WHICH PATH TO PERSIA, OPTIONS FOR A NEW AMERICAN STRATEGY TOWARD IRAN’, written by The Saban Center for Middle East Policy and The Brookings Institution”. This is the reality I speak of. Taking interest in the “real” Game of Thrones.

This prison ship we live on is accelerating toward oblivion. It seems the worse things get, the more people retreat into cognitive dissonance. Ignoring the disease only makes it worse. Ultimately, it needs to be addressed. What will you do?


PS – If you disagree, please leave comment. Thanks.

Technocratic takeover. Will I feed on plastic instead of fish?

The scientific community looks to empirical evidence for truth. The problem is, they can’t disprove god, not even by their own methods. Even some fanciful comforting delusion can not be 100% disproved with our current scientific method. However, just because you can’t prove (or disprove) something doesn’t mean it doesn’t (or does) exist. Imagine describing bacteria to a caveman. Sometimes things are not evident. There are correlations, but nothing absolute, causation. Yet sometimes that is all we have and we must make the best of that and arrive at a sensible conclusion. Statistics are useful and they are also a great way of manipulating people and leading them to non-sequitur. We are left with our own faculties and wisdom to wade through the waters of propaganda and disinformation. Just like the birds and marine life that mistake pieces of plastics for food, we must continue on, and learn to be discerning. Hopefully we end up eating fish and not plastic. Yet for some, polymers fill their belly. Reality is filtered through perception. We must not allow our perception to be managed. We must break the shackles of dogma. Religion was once a plague, stifling and suppressing learning. I hope science will not abuse its new found fame, and lead us to a technocratic nightmare.

Under the guise of security, we have signed up for monitoring on a new level. Email accounts require cellphones numbers, as do online bank accounts. Without your tax number, bank number, cell number, you will face challenges. Of course the easiest thing is to just put the number in. This is the path of least resistance. Initially we may protest slightly, but then we comply.

Mainstream science is bought and paid for. Enron spent heavily to produce propaganda so they can promote carbon credits. I don’t believe in god, and I also don’t believe in bias and manipulation. We are entering a technocratic era. Scientific dictatorship. The Rockefellers (and the rest of them) have their tentacles in mainstream science. They haven’t left that to operate without bias and manipulation. They got to the US education system since around early 1900. These think tanks and special interest groups promoting the Zionest agenda (google Balfour Agreement) have infiltrated positions in government, education, science, media, business, religion.

These warmongering, manipulating fucks are behind major scientific and environmental movements. Fucking Blood and Gore types making big bucks from hysteria. Their elitist Agenda 21 meetings, Club of Rome meetings. I saw a video by George Hunt who somehow attended the UNCED Fourth World Wilderness congress meeting in Boulder, Colorado. Humanity was referenced as cannon fodder that unfortunately populates the planet, said one individual. Regarding centres for learning. These big universities and their professors. If you really step out of line your career is over. They will destroy you. Just like if big name actors come out and start talking the truth. You can be Bill Cosby’d at any time. Obviously climate change is a thing, and has always been in perpetual equilibrium and disequilibrium. Whether this Rothschild agenda is true or false, either way it will be used to fuck us over. Water levels have risen and fallen over time. Ice Ages all happened without any anthropogenic influence. There are cycles out of our control. Have you seen Bill Gates’s C02=PxSxExC? These maniacs have one prime objective for us. Extinction. They will of course live like gods. Plantations of useful idiots will be preserved to do vital jobs they require. Humanity may just fuck itself over by being greedy little ignorant, or maybe the Rothschilds will give us a shove into the abyss. Dehumanize us. Makes us feel ashamed to be human. Make us feel hatred for mankind. This low order thinking will not do us us any good. I sometimes struggle to maintain equilibrium, and some days are worse than others. So much information going in. I will temper reality with the obvious fact that I will die anyway. I best cherish the good times while I have them. During this journey, I will offer alternatives to the conventional dogma disseminated from today’s popular culture. But just like anything, it doesn’t matter what people say, what matters is if they like you. If they like you, you can get away with murder. If they don’t, you could be telling them their house is on fire and they won’t believe it.

Trouble has always existed in some shape or form. Our ancestors endured situations we would now find ridiculous and unbelievable. We can’t hide in our shelters from black swan events. This is not life. I guess ignorance has worked somehow in the past. Like a refuge from reality. Allowing people to continue the day to day. The sky will fall, and it has fallen before. The space between, the space where humans exist, well, billions have died and billions more will die. That’s just math.

In closing, anger and resentment may spawn into hate. I am not willing to spend my years being hateful and depressed. I must be the change I want to see. I must carve out my own private Eden. I must create heaven on earth for myself before I enter knock on the door of oblivion. I just hope I lived with as few pieces of plastic in my belly as possible.