The 97% Consenus Myth


Is there a 97% consensus among scientists that anthropogenic forcing is the primary contributing factor in climate change? 

Short answer: No.

Long answer: While anthropogenic forcing is a contributing factor in climate change, there is no consensus that it is the primary contributing factor. This is where the slight of hand occurs. Climate alarmists, catastrophists, and the climate establishment (IPCC, NOAA, NASA etc), would have you believe that anthropogenic forcing is the driver of wild swings in climate,  that carbon-dioxide is a pollutant, and other false assumptions.

Where did the 97% consensus myth come from?

In 2013, John Cook et al, managed to get a notorious, pseudo-scientific paper published in IOP ERL: Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature.

What is wrong with their paper? I strongly advise you to read an article from Judith Curry’s website –

The main problem with the specious assertions espoused by organizations such as the IPCC, is that their predictions have been consistently and wildly incorrect. They have exaggerated the climate’s sensitivity to carbon-dioxide, underestimated natural forcing , and most tellingly, adjusted data to suit their claims.

Climate change is completely normal, carbon-dioxide has minimal impact, warming or cooling is not necessarily catastrophic, in fact, moderate warming has advantages. We must stop the sociopolitical vilification of carbon-dioxide!

We are not approaching the event horizon of a greenhouse gas induced climate apocalypse. The CAGW argument is predicated on the assumption that; (a) CO2 is the primary contributing factor in climate change; (b) CO2 leads temperature change; (c) warming will be catastrophic.

Science must stop kowtowing to politics!

For a comical and bizarre example of the political inquisition that is underway in the United States –